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FAQ English
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Q.For credit card payment, can I receive a "notification of charges" if I wish?
Q.When I need to reissue the bill of "Omatome Seikyu Service (combined billing method)," are you going to charge me the issuing fee?
Q.After cancelling "Omatome Seikyu Service (combined billing method)," what will happen to the issuing fee charged for paper bills etc.?
Q.I check my billing amount at "e-billing," "@ Billing," "My Billing." Can I still check them after "Omatome Seikyu Service (combined billing method)" starts?
Q.Why can't I apply for "@Billing," "My Billing," and "Web Billing" at the same contact desk?
Q.I checked the payment details on "@Billing" and "My Billing" but it doesn't show the amount which is billed by the collection agency. Why?
Q.I'm using online billing service (@Billing, My Billing, OCN my page, My docomo) of each communications company. Can I still use these websites after applying for "Omatome Seikyu Service (combined billing method)"?
Q.Are there any requirements for setting up the login ID and password (single-byte alphanumeric characters) of "Web Billing"?
Q.There is a bill from a collection agency. How can I know its contact number?
Q.On the bill (notification of bank account deduction etc.) from NTT FINANCE, it says "kouji ryokin (construction fee/installation fee)." Where can I contact to get the details about this?

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