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FAQ English
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Q.I want to know how much I have to pay for this month.
Q.When I want to cancel an optional service, suspend the line, cancel the contract, or change the contract holder, where should I contact?
Q.When am I going to get the last bill for my contract after cancellation?
Q.I want to know what the bill is saying because I don’t understand.
Q.What is the oldest call history that I can check?
Q.The payment only for this month was high so I want to check my call history and the detailed charges. What should I do?
Q.Where should I contact in order to ask about my call history and detailed charges?
Q.I applied for bank account deduction. When is it going to be activated?
Q.I applied for credit card payment. When is it going to be activated?
Q.What should I do in order to change the payment method to bank account deduction or credit card payment?

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