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件名 I want to know how to cancel the "Ikkatsu Soufu (bundling mail service)" when I apply for "Omatome Seikyu Service (combined billing method)."

When you want to cancel the "Ikkatsu Soufu Service (bundling mail service)" with application for "Omatome Seikyu Service (combined billing method)," we will make the procedure for you.

If you want to terminate the "Ikkatsu Soufu Service" by yourself, please contact each communications company.

Click "here" for the contact desks of each communications company.

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関連FAQ When I cancel the main line of "Omatome Seikyu Service (combined billing method)," what is going to happen to "Omatome Seikyu Service"?
Do I have to input my email address on the online application screen for "Omatome Seikyu Service (combined billing method)"?
When I cancel the sub-line in "Omatome Seikyu Service (combined billing method)," is "Omatome Seikyu Service" going to be cancelled?